About Me


If your not already familiar with my blog and me then this is a simple run down of what I do. I am a avid fashion enthusiast. I can sit on social media, troll through magazines and watch SATC all day just day dreaming and putting together outfits. I’ve been fascinated with fashion since forever and been exposed to pretty much every style there ever was with 4 very different older sisters and the most fabulously dressed mum in the world (Think of Patsy and Eddie from Ab Fab combined.)

. I see something I like and I hunt it down for the cheapest price possible. Don’t get me wrong, I do also believe in investing in good quality key pieces however for fast fashion and outfits I wear once on a night out (c’mon we are all guilty) I like to stick to a tight budget.

So come,read and enjoy. You’ll no doubt be surprised at the price tag of many of the items as I’m still pleasantly surprised by what I can find myself. Expect super girly, fun, glamorous and sometimes damn right OTT. But hey that’s what fashion is all about …isn’t it?

Girls (and guys) do not hesitate to drop me a mail. I absolutely love giving advice and helping you find the perfect outfit. I’ve enjoyed hearing from many of you and seeing you rock those gorgeous bargain garments like it’s designer is bloody fabulous!