New Year New Brows


Okay so my eyebrows aren’t exactly *brand new* as I got them done a few months back however I’ve had so many questions about them lately so thought I would pop up a little post explaining what I had done.

So I am from the oh so unfortunate generation who decided it was a brilliant idea to pluck every freaking eyebrow hair we had and leave about 3 creepy hairs in the shape of a semi-circle. You can’t see me RN but my eyes are rolling so far back into my head – sigh. All those beautiful bushy brows ruined by our crazy tweezer happy hands. Anyhoo I have moved on since and tried my hardest the last couple of years to grow in bushy, thick brows of my own but they never quite resemble the natural full brows I had when I was a kid.

Don’t get me wrong when I went on nights out etc I would give myself nice full eyebrows with some Dip brow Pomade however I literally wear make up once a week if I’m lucky nowadays so having full eyebrows on a daily basis is something I have yearned for.

So after some deliberation I decided I was going to try Permanent Cosmetics to give my eyebrows some much needed extra fullness. I did my research and was so happy I went with Emma Lee Permanent Cosmetics based in Glasgow.

(Before + After)

So I had my first appointment with Emma which is around 2+ hours where I had a consultation to talk about the final result I was looking for. A small medical questionnaire was also carried out at this point to ensure I was eligible for the treatment. Emma made me confident that she fully understood the style, colour etc I was after so I was more than happy to go ahead with the initial treatment.

(Getting my eyebrows mapped and choosing a colour)

Emma is honestly so lovely and put my nervous self at ease with her professional attitude. Her clinic is intimate giving you the full one on one treatment. Once I went through to the treatment room Emma started my custom brow design. This is some technical business with measurements and looking into the symmetry of your face. I swear once I seen the brows drawn on at this part I knew I had made the right decision. I have never been able to draw my brows on anywhere near as good as this in my puff. We then looked at a few colours and once I choose one I loved we went ahead and started the treatment.

I can truthfuly say I didn’t find the treatment sore. I was numbed up prior and during with some super fabulous numbing cream which resulted in me not being able to feel any pain. If anything I felt the tattoo needle a little tickley making me want to sneeze.


(Getting my first look after the treatment)

I originally wanted hair strokes and Ombre tattooing but once I seen how fabulous just the hair strokes looked I just stuck with that. I was honestly so so happy with the outcome of my treatment. I then allowed 4 weeks to heal then I was booked in for a touch up appointment. At my top up appointment Emma asked how I was liking my eyebrows and if there was any particular parts I wanted to add etc. With how happy I was with the initial outcome I told Emma to do what she felt was best (she is the professional after all!)

 So here we are a few months on and I can honestly say girls it is one of the best beauty decisions I made in 2018. I feel a million times better with no make up on knowing I have natural looking defined eyebrows. I cannot recommend Emma enough. If it’s something you have been considering please don’t hesitate to message me any questions about my experience or reach out to Emma on the links below.





( My eyebrows immediately after my initial treatment)



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