90’s Baby

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2017 the year the bubble jacket came back with a bang! I am absolutely delighted 90’s fashion is back as I can still remember it the first time round…. Oh gads I’m old. But I feel it was a era that fashion was just super duper fun. When I set my eyes on this little delightful pastel number I just felt super nostalgic. It does just remind me of when I was a kid growing up in the 90’s admiring my older siblings awful but fun fashion choices. Tommy Hilfiger, Kappa, North Face and Tammy Girl were all the ones. Many of which are making a huge comeback.

I had SO many lovely compliments on this jacket and sorry for the delay of sharing it with you gals. Black Friday has well and truly kicked my butt in this year in work so I am literally just getting round to tying up many loose ends. Can you believe it’s Christmas so soon?! Ahhhhh!

Anyhow back to the jacket, this was an absolute steal from Ali Express for just less than £28! It’s perfect for casual days and is super cosy. You all know I’m not shy of a bit of colour and love something to brighten up any dull outfit. This little number does just that! Check it out and purchase from the link below. (Psssssst it also comes in a beautiful pink covered in red hearts which I’ve just purchased also!)

Pastel Puffer – Ali Express

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