Floaty Florals


What says “I’m on my holidays” more than a floaty floral dress?! I’m just back from the most chilled week ever with my boyfriend James in Crete. Every year we save some money by to go on a last minute sunshine holiday. All inclusive, on the beach and food/cocktails 24/7, ingredients for the perfect week to recharge your batteries. I feel like everyone needs that chilled holiday once a year, just to do absolutely nothing and get away from it all. It was just amazing and I am pretty devastated to be home 😦 I’m not gonna lie I got carried away with the Instagram updates…

Anyhow back to the floaty florals. When I go on holiday I take the opportunity to wear the most summery items which Scottish weather does not allow me to wear. I absolutely love a floral dress and I managed to blag both of the above dresses for less than £20 all in! The little red floaty dress is from a UK seller on eBay for insane £7.99! It was fast delivery and just perfect for a chilled dinner and a walk on the beach. This can also be dressed down for a warm day at home (we should be so lucky) with a little pair of sandals or tan boots.

Next up my absolute favourite black floral maxi dress. I can’t believe how much I liked this dress on considering it was only £10.99! The quality is absolutely amazing for the budget price tag and had me wishing I had bought it in the white also. I wore this to go for a beautiful Italian meal and loved how it swished around as I walked. It’s a halter style that buttons behind the neck and your whole back is out which is oh so perfect to show off a newly acquired tan. This was also from a UK seller on eBay and came within 3 days.

Ahhhh those holidays blues are well and truly kicking in looking back through these photos. Just as well I have Magaluf next weekend with the Bee Inspired Troops. I’ve got a feeling that might not be so chilled….

Red Dress –  eBay

Black Dress – eBay

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