A Lil Bouquet of Books



Last month I got delivered possibly the prettiest parcel I have ever seen! Wrapped up in the most adorable old school brown packing paper and tied with a little string bow I just knew instantly whatever was inside was going to be special. Like a child playing pass the parcel I opened the top layer only to discover a box tied with a beautiful big pink bow finished with a paper cut out heart… How freaking cute?!? However what was inside was the proper treat.

A bouquet of the most delicately hand crafted flowers made completely from one of my favourite things… Fashion Magazines! I absolutely love flowers and have various vases around the house. These beauties have pride of place in my dressing room and the best part is they don’t wilt and need replaced!

These gorgeous flowers are hand created by the super talented “By Tracey”. No laser cutter or stencils in sight. Just good old scissors, glue, paper and of course a whole load of talent.

What I love about these flowers is the sheer thoughtfulness behind them. At this time of year we all know the struggle finding gifts for the likes of birthdays, graduations, baby showers, engagements and everything else! Tracey can work to a brief to help you create the most personal gift for a friend, family or loved one. The magazines were perfect for me being the fashion lover that I am. However can you imagine gifting your mum and dad with a bouquet made out of the lyrics of their first dance on their anniversary ? Or your girlfriend a bouquet made with most beautiful love story ever Romeo & Juliet?! Uhhhh it’s just too cute to even comprehend. One of my personal favourites are the flowers made entirely out of children books. I cannot think of a better gift for a expecting mum to display in her newly decorated nursery. Tracey doesn’t only just specialise in flowers she also creates the most adorable bunting! If your stuck for inspiration stick with her Classic Book Page Roses… they are timeless and just beautiful.

A elegant thoughtful gift for a ridiculously low cost.

Reach out to her on all below methods:





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