Gingham Pinafore



Remember when you were little and the sunshine would come out on a school day and you would beg your mum to wear your “school summer dress”? Well this little get up reminds me of just that dress. It bares such a resemblance to the cute lil gingham number which would be paired with pigtails and white frilly socks.

This time round I wore mine with a pair of heels however I also wore it casual around Las Vegas with trainers sightseeing. It is such an adorable dress for the £5.99 price tag and comes within 2-3 weeks. I just had to have it in the super girly pink as I’m a total girly girl (if you didn’t know already) but part of me wishes I purchased the blue one for old times sake as that was the colour my primary school allowed… Maybe that would have been a bit weird?! it also comes in a gorgeous red colour which would be lovely teamed with wedges for some day time beer garden visits. Anyhoooo girls get your hands on this little beauty on the link below. It’s far too cute and affordable not to!

Dress – Ebay

3 thoughts on “Gingham Pinafore

  1. This pink stripe dress with ruffle is really cute! And it’s so matching in the hot summer~ Ruffles are a statement on their own and can replace extra accessories like necklaces.


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