5 Things Making Me Smile


I’m back with another little “Lifestyle” post. By Lifestyle I just mean me rabbling on about whats going on in my little dyed blonde head. I thought I would do a post on some of the things that are making me happy right now. I think we all as human beings are a little too hard on ourselves throughout our daily lives. Sometimes you need to sit back and appreciate the good stuffs going on round about you and if your list person like me then maybe try writing them down?!


Can you believe we’re in April already? This year is flying by and I genuinely can’t believe we’re in the 4th Month! We survived winter and the sunshine is making a good few appearances this Spring. I’m an absolute sun worshiper and this weather just generally puts a huge smile on my face. Don’t know about you guys but when I wake up and the sun is shining through my blinds I instantly have more energy and get out of bed waaaaay quicker than I do in dark winter mornings. Weird how a few extra hours of sunlight just make that much difference. After work I find myself going longer dog walks and my boyfriend and I have even attempted a few evening runs… Watch this space!

Green Fingers

This will be my first summer in my new little home and I’ve developed green fingers! Well kinda, I booked a gardner to do my garden if that’s the same thing?! I cannot wait to get my garden all tidied up and have my own outdoor haven. I’ve been trawling the super markets and garden centres looking at all sorts of different plant pots and flowers etc. On that note … Who knew garden stuff was so freaking expensive? So I’ve decided to do a little DIY and make some seating from old wooden crates I’ve nabbed from work. I found some inspo on Pinterest and have roped my family in to help. Below you can see the kinda look I’m going for. I’ll keep you all posted on the outcome. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me…


Spring/Summer Fashion 

This is my absolute favvvvvvvv time of year for shopping. This is when I get back to my eBay routes and have ordered so much adorable little outfits. I feel you get a lot more better bargains in the summer and can be a bit more adventurous with your style as you don’t have to permanently wear 5 jumpers and 2 coats to keep warm. I have already found so many cute items on the likes of eBay, Primark and Quiz have pulled it out the bag this year. This years trends are really hitting it with me… frills, bows, blouses, ruffles and pedal pushers are all amongst my favourite EVER and they are out on force this year. I have loads of gorgeous bargain finds to share with you all over the next few months. Check out these adorable slip ons I got for just £8 in Primark!



I’m super lucky to be in a position to share lots of celebrations with my friends and family this year. This year is up there with SO SO SO many special occasions to celebrate. I don’t even know where to begin rhyming them off. From one of my best friends getting engaged to my sister turning 30 (sorry Darelle!)  pregnancy announcements, marriages, New Homes and another best friend getting a job in Australia… and that’s not even them all. It’s just so freaking amazing to see so many of my close friends and family being just so happy. Being asked to share these moments with all of them has made my 2017 pretty damn awesome. Thanks everyone 🙂


How adorable are these two seconds after getting engaged! Cannot wait to celebrate this weekend 🙂

My Nugs (AKA James)

Sopppppy I know but this guy needs a mention. He’s my everyday super hero and the guy deserves a medal for the permanent smile he manages to keep on my face… (when he’s not winding me up) He takes me for food A LOT and plays with my hair which makes him pretty much the best person ever. The fact he’s super handsome also helps. I wouldn’t want to have a Limitless cinema card with anyone else.


There it is troops. My little list of things making me happy right now. I felt it was needed as sometimes going about my everyday life the little daft things can consume me and I can lose perspective. Life’s not that shabby at all 🙂

Cairo x


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