Mad Hatters Tea Party


“You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”

The other weekend I had the pleasure of celebrating the gorgeous Dianes Hen Party. We enjoyed a very boozy afternoon tea which was just delightful! Silly drinking games, adorable memories, cake and A LOT of alcohol makes for a super enjoyable Saturday.

The bridesmaids which planned the afternoon notified us that it was a Mad Hatters theme asking us to wear something black and some sort of “Mad Hat”. I left it very last minute just assuming I would have something black to wear… To my surprise Black isn’t a shade I often wear Eeeeeeeek!

I done some last minute searching and found this adorable playsuit on eBay for £15. It’s super girly with frill sleeves and a cute little frill around the top of the legs. It’s got a plunge front however this can be adjusted with a detachable tie belt. My next task was the Mad Hat head wear. After some searching I found these adorable lace bunny ears on eBay. I would be the “White Rabbit” for the afternoon or in my case Black Rabbit! (shhh no one noticed)

I absolutely love a girls days and this one for Diane was just fabulous!  If only the next day was as enjoyable… I was nursing a hangover from hell for at least 3 days afterwards. Time to do it all over again in less than 2 weeks for Diane and Chris’s big day eeeeks!

Playsuit – eBay / Ali 

Bunny Ears – eBay 


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