A Lil Box of Heaven



I had the pleasure of having this little box being delivered to myself to cheer up a dull little Monday. They are undoubtedly the most beautiful flower delivery I have ever received and instantly put a huuuuuge smile on my face.

16 perfectly full red roses beautifully aligned in a luxurious box finished off with a ribbon. Instantly ready to be displayed anywhere in your home. Each individual rose is delicately finished with a little diamond making them so utterly breath taking.

Where can you get your hands on these little beauties your asking?! Well they came from a florist specialising in this luxurious style of boxed roses called Amour Des Fleurs. They are based in Glasgow however they can deliver nationwide. They also currently have a Pop Up Shop in Silverburn Shopping Centre so if your local you should defintely pop in to check them out in person.

Bouquets range in prices and come in oh so many gorgeous variations… One of my personal favourites is the rainbow roses which are just to die for!

With Valentines just around the corner girls get dropping subtle hints for these beauties… Flowers just got an upgrade by Amour Des Fleurs.

Check them out here:





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