5 Realistic “Goals” for 2017

2017… New Year, New Me. Nah I’m only joking I’m not one for any of that nonsense. New years resolutions seem a little daft to me, perhaps because I’ve never stuck to one in my entire life. So this year I’ve decided to not set any resolutions, instead I’m just going to try and make some small improvements (or attempt to) for myself and wellbeing. I struggled to think of a word to sum this up… so just know I’m using the term “Goals” ironically as that word got flung around so much in 2016 and made my toes curl just a lil’… Y’know what I’m talking about. Those photos of Rolex’s, staged kissing, massive houses etc with the hashtag #GOALS all over it. *Cringe* Can we leave that in 2016 please? I’m using the term goals for the old school reason, aiming towards something or at least trying to. They are small and you may think are not worthy of a title never mind a blog post but hey if they are small or daft I may have more of a chance achieving them.


  1. Drink More Water

Haha your laughing at me right? But seriously I need to drink more water. My rubbish immune system took a hit this winter and I’m currently in bed writing this right now with Bronchitis. This isn’t all down to not drinking water I’m not trying to scare y’all. However I do think my lack of energy, motivation and constant tiredness is partly down to the fact I do not drink enough of the stuff. So I’ve started small by drinking at least 3 water bottles of water in work a day. I’ve also stocked up on some yummy fruit teas such as Twinning’s Lemon & Ginger and Clippers Berry Tea… Both are super yummy and a good way to get fluids in you on those cold mornings in work.

2. Cut the Instagram Stalking

Hahaha this one is going to be a toughy. I’m not saying I’m going cold turkey cause that would just be insane, right?! But I need to for my own sanity cut out a little Instagram scrolling a day.  I don’t think I miss a single post of the 700+ people I follow which is pretty damn sad. I need to cut down on admiring other peoples lives and start to live my own a little more. I’m not saying I study it all day every day however I spend a little too much time on it than I would like to. I’ve started to make steps to cut it down by replacing my phone in bed at night with my Kindle. Reading for an hour or so before I go to sleep has not only allowed me to cut down on my Insta Stalking but I’ve been falling asleep a LOT better.


3. Read More

As I just previously mentioned I’ve been trying to replace my phone with my Kindle. I’ve always been a old school book kinda gal however going on holiday is a nightmare when you have to pack 6+ books cause you read abnormally fast. So my fabulous boyfriend got me a Kindle for Christmas and I am absolutely buzzing. I’ve already downloaded a few books and halfway through my second read of 2017. I need recommendations guys as I want to venture out of my usual thriller/ chick lit genres. I’ve heard mixed reviews on those self lifting, motivating books such as The Secret? Can anyone vouch for these?All recommendations are appreciated.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 10.26.45.png

4. Learn Something New

Sitting in work one day me and my bestie found ourselves getting all deep about how we’ve just stopped learning things for ourselves. Credit wheres it’s due we all learn new things daily in work, from friends, Google etc. However when was the last time you took the time to learn something new for you? Whether it’s picking up a new skill online, horse riding, skiing, learning to do nails y’know just something that your interested in learning for yourself. I honestly couldn’t tell you the last thing I learned something new for me. I got Photoshop on my Macbook just over a year ago and taught myself the basics then slowly lost interest and gave up when I wasn’t a pro over night (I perhaps also need to work on my patience). So one of my goals this year is to learn something new, I’ve looked into some night and weekend courses which are oh so reasonable for what they have to offer! I couldn’t believe a 8 week course in Photography or Video Blogging was only around £100.  So yeah watch this space, hopefully in 2017 I’ll acquire some new skills purely because I wanted to.


(SO Guilty for the above -Maybe not the £200 part as I love a bargain)

5. Be Happy With What You’ve Got

I’ve left this one till last as I feel this will be my biggest challenge. Social Media has left us in a  world where we all question our own life.I am super guilty of this when I’m scrolling through these “perfect” lives on Instagram.  We question whether our life is good enough and find ourselves comparing it to other people online. Nobodies life is as good as it appears on Instagram/Social Media, I myself put my hand up and say my life is no where near as Glamorous as it may appear online and that 90% of the time I don’t even look like my photos. You’ll find me in my comfies with hair flung up 6 days a week and hey thats alright because we are all living a real life outwith social media.

Even though I know everything is not what it seems online I still find myself comparing my life and questioning what I’ve got. So 2017 is the year that I’m really going to try and appreciate what I’ve got. I remind myself many of the people on Instagram are paid to look fabulous and post content everyday… So let’s all give ourselves a break. I’m going to try and remind myself daily to be grateful for my little life. When I take the time to think about what I have achieved and what I’ve got in life at 24 years old I really am pretty damn lucky.

So there you have it. My small “Goals” for 2017. They do all seem pretty easy however they are a challenge to me.You may relate to some of these and if so maybe you should try setting your own small goals for 2017.

Right I’m away to scroll through Instagram for an hour or two.. Nah jokes I’m away to read a book…Maybe

Cairo x

One thought on “5 Realistic “Goals” for 2017

  1. These are great goals to set yourself. Although I don’t know if I could try and stay off Instagram haha. I’m also going to do a photography course this year – maybe I will see you there 🙂

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