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 Denim Yeezy Vibes 

I as much as the next person am an absolute sucker for the Katdashions. Love them or hate them they absolutely ace it when it comes to fashion. Kimmy has been spotted rocking the denim choker which I decided to do a little DIY version of. Don’t pay money for these girls because each and every one of you will have a spare pair of denims you no longer wear. Simply chop off a strip of a part you fancy (I like the back pocket detail) cut it to size and simply safety pin it from the inside…. Voila you have a on trend denim choker Kimmy K style. I teamed mine with a khaki suede dress from Primark which was an absolute steal at £12! Finished off the look with knee highs and a top knot. Super cheap and super on trend. Fashion doesn’t need to be expensive girls … you can add simple twists to your outfits by simply doing a little DIY.

Dress : Primark

Boots : eBay (last year)

Choker : DIY

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