Disneyland Paris


People say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth… and after my first ever visit to a Disneyland resort I can confirm this is true! My amazing boyfriend treated me to a weekend away to Paris with a day pass to Disneyland for the Saturday. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing a weekend it was. Paris as a city in general is one of my absolute favourites and it’s beauty never ever fails to amaze me. To then add Disneyland into the mix just made it the best weekend of my life. All of you that have had the pleasure of experiencing Disneyland will already know what I’m talking about.

As soon as you walk into the resort you are completely transformed into a magical realm where every tiny detail right down to the waste bins are beautifully designed, there is no minor detailed overlooked making it just phenomenal. I spent the day in awe just trying to take everything in. I’m an absolute sucker for rollercoasters and I think we managed to work our way around almost every single attraction in the park. We were super lucky with the weather and the sunshine was out in its full glory allowing my outfit choice to go to plan.

Well as I knew we were going to Disneyland I wanted to make sure I had a fun outfit and took inspiration from the most famous Disney character … Mickey Mouse! I stuck with red, white and black. I got this little White Tennis Skirt a few months back from eBay and it was an absolute steal at just £6.19. It does come from China so took around 3 weeks to come. I got my little Mickey Tee and Baseball jacket from Primark… Primary is your one stop shop for Disney clothes! I was honestly spoiled for choice and couldn’t believe my luck that they even had a little jacket to match… I recommend a little light weight outfit for Disneyland Paris if you going throughout the Summer months, because if your like me you’ll be running around like a big kid. I finished the outfit off with a pair of Minnie ears… It has to be done!

All I can say about my first disney land experience is roll on Orlando next year!

Jacket – Primark

Mickey Tee – Primark

Skirt – eBay

Trainers – Adidas

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