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Wardrobe Staple Denims

I’m sure every girl myself included spend their entire life searching for the perfect jeans…. We all have that one favourite pair which we cherish that feel and look good on however are wearing thin in some areas! I’ve bought denim jeans from almost every high street store and still struggle to find a pair I absolutely love. Im a high rise girl and love a skin tight finish. I’m a fan of the Topshop Joni Jean however I feel the quality has went right down hill over the last few years and the are now almost like jeggings.

So I couldn’t believe my luck last week when I went for a little snoop around Primark and found the perfect high rise Jean I’m wearing above. The quality is unbelievable and much thicker than the Joni Jean pulling you right in for the most flattering finish. They are an absolute steal at just £10 and come in several colours. I love them so much I purchased two pairs in the colour pictured above. I’m 5’3″ am usually have to roll my jeans up at the ankle but these denims finish at the perfect length for myself. I also purchased the little Mickey top above from Primark for £6!  Sometimes you just can’t beat a little Primark bargain!

Top – Primark

Jeans – Primark

Shoes – Office Shoes

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