Folk Print Romper



The other week I found myself out on a spontaneous girls night. One of those ones that aren’t planned and you don’t have the week prep you usually do to buy an outfit etc. So I had to work with what I had… I have been watching my money this last month so I could book a last minute holiday with my guy and I did just that the other day and we’re jetting off tomorrow for a week in Crete. Excited is an understatement eeeeeks! Anyhow back on track… I originally purchased this playsuit for Santorini but never got round to wearing it. It was £5.99 from eBay and is a little effortless romper to fling on. It’s from China so allow a few weeks for delivery. I absolutely love the detailing and the little tassel tie around the waist to clinch it in all the right places. I accessorised it with a OTT gold necklace I purchased off eBay from a UK seller for just £7.99! I love love LOVE this necklace and have already purchased a few other ones. Definitely a bargain price tag for such a statement piece. To finish the look off I flung on my trusty Misguided buckle heels which are now super duper comfortable and will be getting packed for my holidays… Apologies for the holiday spam on my Instagram in advance girls 🙂 Shop the look below!


Playsuit  – Ebay

Necklace – Ebay

Shoes – Missguided


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