Champagne Spray Ready

Hello my lovely ladies! I’ve had several girls reaching out to myself looking for some fabulous swimwear. I can’t emphasise enough how much I love to hear from you girls and helping you find fabulous outfits. So as many of you know I’m jetting off to Santorini in less than 2 weeks time and I cannot freaking wait! I’ve managed to pick up several gorgeous pieces and will be doing a blog feature on all my outfits once I’m back.

However I’ve seen soooo many beautiful swimsuits on my search for holiday clothes which I wanted to share with you now. As now it’s finally May we all have one thing on our minds…. HOLIDAYS! Below I’ve selected some of my favourite bargain pieces which will be absolutely perfect for your holidays whether it’s hitting up Ocean Beach, chilling in Cancun or having a gals weekend in Barcelona.



Lime Swimsuit with Bow £21 – Ebay 

Green swimsuit with flower £18.50 – Ebay



Yellow Swimsuit £18.50 – Ebay 

Black Lace up Swimsuit £3.99 – Ebay


Neoprene Bikinis £7.69 – Ebay 

These are just a few of my favourites online just now. All are from eBay so always read the size charts as they can come up a little smaller to a UK standard size. With the bargain price tags all are absolute hidden gems which will make you stand out on your holidays.

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