Pink To Make the Girls Wink



I’ve definitely used that title before but it’s literally what always springs to my mind when I see Pink!! I say “Girls” as boys just don’t appreciate a pastel pink waterfall coat,lets be honest… I’ve also blogged about this exact coat in a different shade just over a year ago! It’s honestly one of my favourite purchases and it’s such an absolute bargain. I team it with heels, trainers and it’s always my go to coat for nights out as it keeps you covered head to toe. I went for this gorgeous pastel pink number however it also comes in a beautiful baby blue and several other shades. This coat is the bargain of the century coming in at just under £17 including postage. It’s from a UK eBay seller and mine came within 3 days of purchasing. I absolutely can’t rave about this little duster coat enough I still wear my beige one that I purchased a year ago and always get compliments overtime I fling it on. Add a pop of colour to your Spring/Summer wardrobe for less than £20!


Shop waterfall coat here!


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