Fresh White Sneaks


It’s officially Spring… Bring on the fresh white sneakers which have been too risqué to wear over the dull British winter. There is absolutely nothing worse than wearing a new pair of trainers only to have them ruined instantly by a massive mucky puddle. Remember when you were kids and it would be a right of passage to stand on someones fresh new trainers and “christen” them ?! Hmmm it might have only been a Glaswegian thing but it was the worst! Anyhow back to the point which is this little get up I wore last week. I found this T-Shirt dress in the Forever 21 sale for £6! I absolutely love the length with the added twist of the two splits up the side. T-shirt dresses are ideal for our British Spring/Summer as they are light and easy however still give you the coverage needed if the skies decide to open up. I teamed them with a fresh new pair of Nike Huaraches, I’ve had two pairs previously as they have been around a while however they are undoubtedly one of the comfiest pair of trainers I’ve ever owned. Im lucky enough to fit into Kids sizes from Nike resulting in these beauties being a steal at £57 from Nike Direct. Kids sizes go up to a UK size 6. It’s always worth checking Junior and Kid sections in the likes of JD and Nike as they are substantially cheaper for the smaller sizes.

Get trainers here:–6:20160328202132:s

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