Is It Summer Yet? 

I know I know it’s only March your thinking… I’m a tad crazy with the Ol’ bikini chat. However it dawned on me that I’ve got my first holiday of the year in less than 11 weeks time which is essentially two pay days away ahhhh! So I’ve been busy the last month as you can imagine shopping away for holiday items. I shared these little beauties on Instagram and had so any girls asking where I got them so thought I would do a little post for you guys. As always they’re absolute bargains found on eBay. The pink one was an total steal at £5.99 and believe me looks way more expensive on. The little bright neon lace number was also from eBay and comes in at just under £6.50! I’ll keep you up to date on all my summer purchases to keep your holiday wardrobe looking beautiful! Now I just need to work on that bikini body …. Wish me luck! 

Get pink bikini here:

Get Neon lace bikini here:

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