Wrap Me Up & Take Me Out

I had so many compliments on this outfit and apologise for not getting the link up sooner girls. Been super busy over the last week but finally got time to sit down on my laptop and get this little blog post produced! I was taken out last Saturday without being told what the plans were… This left me freaking out about what to wear as you can imagine. Thankfully I had ordered this little beauty of a top off eBay. I didn’t have too high expectations for it as it was only £6 from a Hong Kong seller. I was absolutely blown away when it arrived as the quality is amazing, made from a heavy neoprene style fabric which held its shape beautifully. I teamed it with a beige suede skirt I purchased last year from I finished the outfit off with my old faithful nude lace up heels (Previously blogged!) … The outfit was perfect for my surprise belated birthday dinner with some of my best friends. I literally cannot recommend this little top enough… I’m already planning my next occasion to wear the little cute number.

Get yours here :

*UPDATE -This seller has sold out. I will post a new link as soon as I find one 

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