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Hi guys,  hope you are all well and just about surviving to the first payday since Christmas!

If you’ve read my blog for a while you will know that I am no stranger to finding the odd bargain on eBay. However as I know myself shopping on eBay can be a bit daunting when your not exactly sure what it is you are going to receive. We’ve all seen those hilarious pictures online of people ordering the most beautiful prom dresses and receiving a shapeless sack with very few similarities… I’m not going to lie I can laugh at those pictures myself as this has happened to me a few times. However over the years I’ve managed to get a bit more savvy when it comes to shopping on eBay and I wanted to pass on my online shopping wisdom to you guys to prevent those hilarious faux pas happening to you…


  • This may sound obvious but always check the location of the eBay seller. If it’s China, delivery will usually take 2-4 weeks. Hong kong I’ve found comes a bit quicker than china around 10-16 days however always allow the full expected delivery date. Many times I’ve expected an item to come on the first estimation the seller has given however found myself waiting till the last day in the 4th week for the item to arrive. If you’re ordering for a specific occasion always order way in advance to allow delivery time and to see if you like the item.


  • ALWAYS READ THE SIZE CHARTS… Some of you may already know from experience that ordering from overseas results in completely different sizing. I always read the size charts provided by the seller to ensure the items are going to fit me. You will spend more sending the item back than what you paid for it originally so always always always check the size chart before ordering. I often find with Chinese and Hong Kong sellers clothing tends to come up really small and find myself ordering a Medium, Large or even a Extra large and I’m a UK size 8. You can google size charts, ASOS have a nice clear one to use as reference.


  • Using key words to search for that specific item. Many UK boutiques now use overseas wholesalers which can be found on eBay. Keep seeing a dress in several boutiques for different prices? Chances are it can be found on eBay at a fraction of the price. Break the desired item down to it’s simplest format to find it on eBay. I sometimes sit for hours on end trying to find a specific item and it just takes that one word. Key words I often to use are – plunge, occasion, girly, lace up, mini, A-line, dress, two piece … You get the picture.


  • If you order from a seller and like the item then keep an eye on their other items… I tend to order one item from a seller and if it arrives and is of a good quality I’ll save the seller and have a view every now and then to see what goodies they’ve got in.


  • Don’t be shy… often you see several different pictures of the one item and you get confused as to what you’ll actually receive. When this happens to me I simply mail the seller and ask them to send a pictures of the ACTUAL item. Some do and some don’t but hey, it’s worth asking.


  • On that note… If it’s too good to be true then more often than not it is. Believe me I find some amazing bargains daily such as going out dresses and casual items. However if you see that £600 gown that you’ve always dreamed of for £7 … It’s not that dream gown but something that probably resembles a cheap halloween costume.


  • Be smart and don’t have massive expectations. If your paying £10 for something it’s not going to be the best of quality but more often or not I’m surprised by what I end up receiving and super chuffed at the bargain that I’ve managed to blag

So there you have it girls, my words of advice on shopping on eBay. You can’t beat a little bargain now and then and eBay is full of them. If your like me and wear dresses once on a night out then I advise you get on eBay and get searching. I also find items such as swim wear, accessories and other little things that cost a fortune on the highstreet can be found for absolute peanuts. Get online and get searching … what have you got to lose? over the past few years I’ve probably received around 3 items that haven’t been worth it which probably amounted to £15 all in. In hindsight It is worth it for the amount of ridiculous bargains I’ve managed to get my hands on.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask girls… Happy Shopping!

*I found the beautiful jumper above on eBay for £16! The seller I used has now sold out when I find one that has it I’ll put the link up girls 


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