Last Minute Get Up

We are all guilty of it…. Something coming up and you instantly think I need a new outfit. I know, I’m possibly the worst person ever for doing it! However when Hogmanay creeped up upon us so quickly after Christmas like it does I found myself without something to wear … My wardrobes full but you all know what I mean. Lacking inspiration and having avoided the sales I couldn’t find anything I felt like wearing. My friend Aimee suggested I come raid her wardrobe and thank god I did because I found this little beautiful black A line skirt ftom Zara! It’s such a beautiful fit pulling you in all the right places with a little kicked out hem for some extra girlyness. I teamed it with a blouse I bought from Primark a few weeks back for £10. I added the bow myself as the one attached is quite small… You know me I like OTT, this was just a little hair clip I clipped onto the collar. I finished the look with my Tassle heels from La Moda which I feel like I’ve worn to death since I’ve had them! They literally go with anything. So if your needing a pair of black shoes that go with everything get these purchased! 

 I hope you all had a lovely New Year and spent it with the ones you love …. I spent mine with my guy and friends. I’m still recovering from the hangover if I’m behind honest… 


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