Winter Accesories 

 The festive season is well and truly upon us and I am just a big walking talking advent calendar. I just absolutely love this time of the year and all the fabulous things that come with it. With all the glamorous outfits for your days and nights out you need some equally fab accessories to go with them. I thought I would give you lot a run down of my latest purchases which are oh so perfect for the festive season and also make great presents! 

You may recognise the bag in the top picture as I have blogged about it previously in different colours. It’s my favourite budget bag ever! It’s honestly such an amazing quality bag and is the perfect size for me for everyday use. It comes in loads of different colours and I decided to go for a grey this time. This little beauty is an absolute steal from eBay at just £12!!! It’s a UK seller and it comes within 3 days with free postage. If your stuck for a Christmas present for a girl that knows her style this is the perfect gift. I’ve accessorised  mine with three fluffy Pom Poms which you can see in both pictures. These are little key chains I found on eBay at £1 a pop with free postage. They do come from China so they do take 3 weeks to come but definitely worth it for a measily £1! It makes a simple bag just that more expensive looking. Last but not least are the beautiful metallic sunglasses. I’ve previously blogged about the rose gold pair but had to share the gorgeous blue metallic cats eyes numbers. Mental buying sunglasses in November in Scotland I know but hey they are b e a uuuutiful. A blogger favourite at the moment and I’ve managed to find them on eBay from a Hong Kong seller for less than £3! They do take 2-3 weeks to come but oh so worth it.

Get bag here:

Fluffy key chains:

Cats eye sunglasses :

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