Loafers are in ! Think granny nerdy chic .. It’s all in the details such as tassels, buckles and straps. It’s the perfect shoe for day wear with the likes of jeans and a blouse or a little day dress with frilly socks. That’s the thing with loafers they can be worn bare footed or teamed up with some funky socks. I’ve picked a few of my favourites online just now and they all happen to be from for £5 or less! I absolutely love the White geek chic ones in the photo top left. They have a traditional style with the tassels however have been brought bang up to date with the funky chunky sole. Similar to these but a bit more punky is the black chunky shoes top right. Both of these shoes are just £5! The bottom two shoes are my absolute favourite, I’ve ordered a pair in the grey colour. I just love the traditional detailing of a buckled shoe with the modern twist of a point. This shoe is available in three colours, the burgundy and grey shown in the photos and black all for just £3.99! For the insane prices offer you can afford to buy them all!

Get yours here:
White Chunky loafers:

Pointy Brogue loafers:

Black buckled shoe:

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