Anyone that knows me will know I have a thing or two for piercings! I’ve had loads through my lifetime including microdermals, spiders web, daith, tongue and many more. So as you can imagine I am absolutely loving the new piercing trend at the moment linking in with the grunge/punk revival. A piercing in particular I’ve always toyed with the idea of is nose and septum piercings spotted on Rihanna. As it was a piercing I wasn’t sure about I managed to find faux hoops on eBay which you can apply anywhere for the look and effect of a piercing. You can see I’ve used it on my nose and septum. What I love about this is that it allows you to play around with a piercing without having to commit before going under the needle. I opted for a plain style at just £1.79 however the people at have created these beautiful faux septum piercings (top right) very similar to Rihanna’s for just £4.99. To play around with some faux piercings yourself check them out on the link below.

Plain hoops like my own:

Detailed faux septum piercings:

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