With the 90’s revival well under way, every girls who can remember that era will have “Clueless” spring to mind. The blonde bombshell was rarely seen without a tartan two piece, furry accessories and a girly back pack. It’s nostalgic girly appeal gets me excited and I’ve already delved into my own “Clueless” inspired purchases. I am absolute loving the furry heels seen at Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2014 collection. You can purchase similar heels (the gorgeous black and pink pair in the top right photo) from for £58. The simple shoe style makes the out there furry design easy to wear and not too OTT. However like myself you have shoes in your cupboard you barely wear or you could purchase a simple pair from Primark for as little as £8 to customise yourself. I had these shoes already and purchased a meter of white fluff from Remnant Kings for under £1. I was originally going to superglue the fluff on my but my mum suggested strong double sided tape. As if your anything like me your shoes get bogging after a night out on the tiles and you can simply pull it off and put on fresh when it gets dirty. Double sided tape can be purchased from most home stores or eBay for less than £1. I restyled an old pair of shoes and saved myself £££ on a pair of shoes I’ve lusted after for the past few months. They’re versatile and very feminine and can be worn with a dress or a simple jeans and vest 👠🐇

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