Alongside the 90’s grunge revival has come the ripped skinny jean. However not the subtle distressed denim with a wee bit of wear and tear here and there. But full on massive holes, chunks missing kind of jeans as seen on the top left picture of Kim Kardashian. Yes there OTT and risqué but there also fun and even allow the self conscious of us to show off their pins without having to wear a mini! It can be paired with heels and a cami for a night on the tiles or trainers and a T for a more daytime look. You can get a pair of these denims ready done for you from that you can see on the top right picture at only £18 which is a great price for denims. Although like myself I’m sure most girls have a pair of jeans they don’t wear lurking in the back of their wardrobe. It’s very easy to do, you simply just take a pair of scissors and cut holes to your desired size or snip small holes and rip for a more uneven finish. You can fray the edges by pulling the edges with a needle or pair of scissors although a much easier way is to stick them in for a wash. The washing machine does all the hard work of fraying them resulting in you having a pair of perfectly frayed ripped denim jeans. You can’t go wrong when creating this style the bigger the holes the better! As you can see in my picture at the bottom I got a bit scissor happy ✂️👖🙊

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