I’m enjoying the 90s grunge revival just now as it’s an era I can actually remember and relate to! Chokers, scrunchies, string strap dresses and bubble bags I love it all! An easy way to include the 90s into an everyday outfit are these fun tattoo chokers (I’m sure you can all remember them the first time round). I’ve got one in black and I got mine from for 50p. Asos are doing the exact same choker for £4. Definitely have a look on and to get it for a fraction of the price. In the lower picture of myself you can see a multicoloured choker with gorgeous neon brights for the summer. This was made by my 10 year old niece with her current rainbow loom obsession. These bands can be bought for a £1 from Claire’s, supermarkets and ofcourse online. They are very easy to make and means you can have a funky choker, bangle or rings to go with every outfit! 🌈

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