Girls if you haven’t already get downloading the Depop App … “The little shop in your pocket”. Although I am massive fan of eBay sometimes it can be struggle to sell your own items on as the vast size of eBay and it’s users. Depop takes this problem away by dedicating it’s sole purpose to selling your personal items (mostly clothing, shoes, make up and accessories). However what makes Depop so brilliant is that it has a similar layout as Instagram with the added feature of being able to follow people and gain followers with similar styles, sizing and taste to yourself. It has the hashtag feature although anything you put into your description will come up when searched. This App is brilliant for selling your own preloved items on and also for finding yourself a bargain or an Item sold out in the shops. I love this App and have managed to sell on a few bits and bobs of myself and bought some items which sold out over the years which I’ve been dying to get my hands on (the Freak of Nature sugar skull body suit ) which I paid a mere £12 for! You can follow my depop at @cairomarilyn

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