Having been a student for the last 4 years studying media communications (marketing, advertising, journalism and PR) I have been shifting between various part time jobs. Although I applied for student loans (which I long awaited the 7th of every month to receive to squander on new fashion finds) I have had a limited income. Like most girls my age (22) I love fashion, accessories and buying pretty, fluffy, sparkly items. However with a limited income I have became quite the bargain hunter. Not the sifting through bargain buckets type but the scouring the internet for hours till I find the desired piece at least a 10th cheaper than the designer inspiration. Over the years I have become an eBay feign and have a few secret gem websites that never fail to produce the most on trend items at a fraction of the price. Throughout I’ll be posting various outfits and items in which I buy or love. I think everyone should be able to be on trend and have the most lusted after fashion pieces regardless of their income or budget. I hope you enjoy guys and I hope that you’ll be inspired by the items that I post to do some hunting for yourself! 👑👠💋

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